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Joyce Meyer's Talk It Out Podcast

Nov 10, 2020

Hey Girlfriends!

Choosing a fabulous outfit for the day? Don’t forget your full armor of God! That is what we are talking about today on a new episode and it has been a life-changer for us—protecting and preparing us for whatever we may face. Jai and I have been doing this for years and Erin just jumped in. She is already seeing great things!

So, how do I put on God’s armor?

This armor may be spiritual, but it is real too. And, friend, you will be decked out! During the podcast, Joyce said that we “pray, say and do.” That’s a great way to think about putting on your armor! Pray, ask God to clothe you in His armor, and thank him for it, out loud.

When I pray through this, I like to start at my head and make my way down. “God, thank you for the gift of your helmet of salvation. Let me think, see, hear and speak the way you want me to.” (Here, I like to throw in an added prayer for great hair too – it can’t hurt, right!

I ask for the breastplate of His righteousness, the belt of truth, and those fabulous shoes making me ready to share the Gospel of peace.

Then I move to the weapons. “Please arm me the shield of faith and the sword of your Word.” This is where the “do” comes in. Study the Bible so that your life is full to overflowing with God’s Word. Build up your faith by trusting God and remembering how He answers prayer. Now you are fierce!

If it helps you to remember, do it while you are putting on your actual clothes. Afterall, women are great multi-taskers. Now, you’re fully dressed; looking good and ready for whatever may lie ahead!

- Ginger

Ephesians 6:10-18 – Joshua 5 – Deuteronomy 28:13 – Psalm 5:12 – Isaiah 58:11