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Joyce Meyer's Talk It Out Podcast

Feb 14, 2023

Valentine’s Day. You either love it or you hate it, for a variety of reasons. For some of us, we love the ooey gooey hearts and flowers of it all… others of us are still reeling from a messy breakup, loneliness in a marriage or the aching disappointment of being single for too many years.

Wherever you are on the relational spectrum, this episode will build + lift your heart. Listen in as Ginger, Jai and Erin unpack Psalm 139—one of the sweetest love notes in Scripture—and how it relates to you. Get a glimpse of the beauty your Creator sees in you, the unconditional, never-goes-away-or-runs-out kind of love He’s always had for you, and hear a few of the stunning thoughts He’s thinking about you.